Gain Real-World Experience with Our Mentoring Program:

No matter how many how many books you read, lectures you attend, internships and apprenticeships you do, or classes you take in school, you will never be fully prepared to start your own dental practice. There are things that can only be learned through gaining real-world experience. That is why it is so important that you consider taking part in the mentoring program from Milnar Mentoring.

Using what he has learned throughout his 40+ years of working as a dentist in a clinical setting and an internationally renowned educator, Dr. Milnar provides valuable insider insights that can give new dentists, or experienced dentists who are thinking of starting their own private practice, the tools they need to succeed.

Some of the things that can be learned through the mentoring program at Milnar Mentoring include:

  • Learning how to assess the community where you wish to start your practice and determine who is your ideal patient
  • Learning how to assess dental services and determine which services are most likely to meet the demands of your patients and the community
  • Learning how to create a well-staffed dental office that is efficient, yet still provides quality dental services to the community
  • Learning how to regularly assess your dental practice so you can determine where technical improvement is needed
  • Gaining access to a valuable network of dental manufacturers that help you form lasting relationships in the dental market place while staying up-to-date on the latest trends

Receive Personalized Assistance and Guidance That Helps You Successfully Launch Your Private Dental Practice

Every dentist will run into their own set of unique problems when launching a private practice. Milnar Mentoring offers the personalized and customized guidance, assistance and resources dentists need to solve any procedural problem or navigate through any difficult situation that may arise.
Dr. Milnar doesn’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach to mentoring. He believes that offering personalized guidance is the best way to go. It saves dentists time by allowing them to tailor their mentoring so it focuses on teaching valuable information that is specific to problems or challenges of running their own practice.

Who Benefits from Dr. Milnar’s Mentorship Program?

Dentists from all types of backgrounds and varying experience levels could benefit from Dr. Milnar’s mentorship program.

Some dentists who have found this program helpful include:

  • Dental students who are just starting out in the dental industry and who want to establish their own private practice
  • Dentists who have worked in large corporate dental offices or as part of a large group practice in the past and who want to branch out to the private practice sector
  • Experienced dentists who find their dental practice is stagnant and want to find ways to improve it, bring in new patients, or offer new services
  • Dentists with a private practice who are considering opening at a new location or expanding to a second office

Discover how Milnar Mentoring can help you succeed by calling or emailing us to request a clinical intake evaluation. We can provide you with a valuable look into how our mentoring program can make your dreams of running a successful and profitable private practice a reality.